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How to use RootX

2 & 4lb. RootX Square Jars with Funnel

  1. Unscrew Lid from top of container.
  2. Take the mixing funnel/applicator and put the wide threaded end into the opening where the lid was in the square container.
  3. Rotate the mixing funnel/applicator clockwise screwing the mixing funnel into the square container so that it fits tightly.
  4. Grasping the bottom of the square container and the narrow end of the mixing funnel applicator, (putting a hand over the mixing funnel/applicator cap which is located at the narrow end of the mixing funnel/applicator), Rock the square container with the mixing funnel/applicator attached, back and forth for approximately one minute allowing the two dry components of RootX to go into the funnel and then back into the square container several times.
  5. After the one minute mixing process you may then take the cap off the narrow end of the mixing funnel/applicator and pour the entire contents of the dry product mixture through the mixing funnel/applicator directly into a sewer clean-out or toilet bowl if a sewer clean-out is not available.
    1. 2lb. jar will treat approximately 50ft. of 4-inch pipe
    2. 4lb. jars will treat approximately 100ft. of 4-inch pipe or 75ft. of 6-inch pipe.
      1. Put no more than 2lbs. of RootX in a toilet bowl to minimize possibility of foam overflow!
      2. When applying into a sewer clean-out, flush the toilet two times (or up to 6 times for 1.6 gallon low flow toilet) or add 5-10 gallons water into the clean-out to push the foam completely down through the sewer line.
      3. When applying into the toilet make sure to flush the toilet and add the dry mixture into the toilet bowl as the water is going down the drain.
      4. It is suggested that when doing a toilet application, that you have a 5 gallon bucket filled with water readily available to further push the foam down the toilet drain if the foam comes back up the drain. This will help avoid the foam overflowing the bowl.
      5. Restrict water usage from 4-6 hours after application.

For Precautionary Statements and more specific information please refer to the RootX label. EP Reg. No. 68464-1